Solomon's Proof

First posted: January 18, 2007
Last updated: November 15, 2010

Note: Our book, which details the implications of this proof, has now been published. Click book to find out more.

The recent proof of Poincaré's Conjecture has the world of mathematics agog, but no one knows quite how to apply it. Likewise, the elegant mathematics of String Theory, which essentially solve Einstein's quest for the Unified Field Theory, harness the potential to revolutionize physics, but no one has come up with a proof for the existence of strings. In addition, Horava’s recent application of exotic phase transitions mathematics appears to reconcile gravity and quantum mechanics, but adherents lack a proper model to reconcile this with Einstein’s theory of gravity.

Now, in one elegant swoop, both these quandaries are solved in a scientific paper by Michael David Solomon (pseudonym), a late '60's Stanford anti-war activist turned yogi, who uses Poincaré's Conjecture to verify his Quantum-Torus Model of light and prove the convergence of science and spirituality, as well as prove the Big Bang Theory, the empirical evidence for Strings, the appearance of the World Teacher, the unity of all religions, and the next step in human evolution.

While it may seem extraordinary that a sophisticated scientific proof would come from a spiritual source, it is exactly as predicted by Heisenberg, who said, "Perhaps it is not too rash to hope that new spiritual forces will again bring us nearer to the unity of a scientific concept of the universe,"5 as we explain below.