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Solomon’s Proof

First posted: January 18, 2007
Last updated: July 10, 2023

Note: Our book, which details the implications of this proof, has now been published. Click here to find out more.

The proof of Poincaré’s Conjecture had the world of mathematics agog, but no one has figured out how to properly apply it. Likewise, the elegant mathematics of String Theory, which essentially solve Einstein’s quest for the Unified Field Theory, harness the potential to revolutionize physics, but no one has come up with a proof for the existence of strings. In addition, Horava’s application of exotic phase transitions mathematics appears to reconcile gravity and quantum mechanics, but adherents lack a proper model to reconcile this with Einstein’s theory of gravity.

Now, in one elegant swoop, both these quandaries are solved in a scientific paper by Michael David Solomon (pseudonym), a late ’60’s Stanford anti-war activist turned yogi, who uses Poincaré’s Conjecture to verify his Quantum-Torus Model of light and prove the convergence of science and spirituality, as well as prove the Big Bang Theory, the empirical evidence for Strings, the appearance of the World Teacher, the unity of all religions, and the next step in human evolution.

While it may seem extraordinary that a sophisticated scientific proof would come from a spiritual source, it is exactly as predicted by Heisenberg, who said, “Perhaps it is not too rash to hope that new spiritual forces will again bring us nearer to the unity of a scientific concept of the universe,”5 as we explain below.



ABSTRACT: We describe our model of light, the Quantum-Torus Model, from which we derive the proof of the Convergence of Science and Spirituality. We check this proof with the recently verified Poincaré’s Conjecture. We then apply Poincaré’s Conjecture and our model to prove the Big Bang Theory. Next, we apply our model to show that the empirical evidence for Strings has already been discovered, thus verifying String Theory’s mathematical framework for Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, as well as providing a second check for the proof of the Big Bang Theory and the Quantum-Torus Model. Finally, we logically progress the model into the human genome and prove the appearance of the World Teacher, the Unity of All Religions, and the next step in Human Evolution.


1.1. The Proof of the Convergence of Science and Spirituality. Scientists, philosophers, and spiritual teachers have long argued over the compatibility of scientific and spiritual principles, in most instances champions for one discipline trying to deny the validity of the other.

Whenever religion attempts to create an all-inclusive proof of the existence of G-d, it hides behind dogma at the expense of facts, thereby negating its inclusiveness. And whenever science attempts to create an all-inclusive proof of universal phenomena, it relies upon definitive mathematical equations at the expense of the indefinable, thereby negating its inclusiveness.

Yet as José Argüelles says in Earth Ascending: An Illustrated Treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems, “The notion that there are different fields of knowledge that are unrelated to each other is fundamentally the result of a loss of sacred view.”1 In scientific terminology, this is much like saying that since everything is derived from a singularity, only the lack of information or the inadequacy of our analysis stand between our present fragmented worldview and a unified vision of creation.

And while there have been certain visionaries who have attempted to explain how these apparently opposite methodologies are linked, for example the Dalai Lama’s recent book, The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality,2 these efforts fall into the category of persuasive opinions and arguments.

In this paper we will present a proof of the convergence of science and spirituality based on our Quantum-Torus Model, the development of which is covered in more detail in the first volume of our book, wherein we also provide the outline for the cross-disciplinary synthesis and integration of human knowledge into one indivisible multidimensional database reflective of the universe that it describes, including the prescription for sustainable human evolution.

1.2. The Unified Field Theory, M-Theory, String Theory, and the Theory of Everything. Prior to the ascendancy of science and empirical methodology, it was the purveyance of philosophy and religion to explain all things under the Sun. In what evidence remains from the ancient world, the Chinese and the Greeks are prime examples of this impetus to categorize and cross-reference universal phenomena. Later, in the West, the Encyclopædists and Hegel further refined this integrative approach, incorporating contemporary scientific and social advances into their blueprint. As science matured, however, the unifying effort veered toward the construction of finite equations. Einstein’s unfulfilled efforts to develop a Unified Field Theory gave way to a host of other such formulaic attempts—including M-Theory, the Theory of Everything, and String Theory—each with their own mathematical refinements. But even if String Theory’s elegant equivalencies of the four fundamental forces are accepted as fact (in light of the empirical proof of strings described later in this paper), such a theory hardly qualifies as an all-encompassing framework, since it confines itself to a narrow realm of physics and mathematics. It is therefore the goal of our proof, in this paper and in our book, to offer a truly all-inclusive framework that, among other things, shows the logical progression of behavior from quanta to human consciousness and beyond.

1.3. Congruency in Scientific, Philosophic, and Spiritual Principles. We begin by employing analogous reasoning to establish the congruency between Taoism, Judaism, Platonism, and Quantum Theory, that is, between spirituality, philosophy, and science. Later, we will provide a check to this argument by deriving the same results from our Quantum-Torus Model.

The Tao Tê Ching3 begins with the line, “The Tao that can be spoken is not the Tao.” In other words, what Lao Tsu states is ‘That which is eternal cannot be described in words, because it is greater than anything that can be communicated or confined by a name.” This is congruent to the stipulations of Judaism concerning the representation of the name of G-d. In Hebrew, the name of G-d is represented by four letters, which are Yod, Hé, Vau, Hé. Whenever a worshipper comes across these letters during reading or prayer, he or she is prohibited from pronouncing the letters as they are written, and must substitute the word “Adonai” instead. The de facto lesson in this practice is that there is no name that can be given to the Deity that would not be blasphemous, because the Deity cannot be confined to such limitations as are imposed by human speech, alphabet, or any other iconography or symbology.

Therefore, both the Taoists and the Jews agree: The force that animates creation cannot be named. Carrying our analogous reasoning further, this Taoist and Hebraic principle is perfectly congruent to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, which says, essentially, that what we perceive as reality is only the shadow on the wall of our perceptual cave, and not the object nor the light source that casts it. Finally, science, too, has come to the same conclusion as these tenets of Judaism, Taoism, and Platonism, the expression of which is epitomized in Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which posits that it is impossible to be certain of both the velocity and position of a subatomic particle.4 As one applies Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle to deeper levels of nuclear mysteries, the result is the same as the meaning behind the Hebrew symbols Yod, Hé, Vau, Hé, the Tao Tê Ching’s opening lines, or Plato’s allegory, that is: There is a force at the core of the universe that we cannot accurately name or describe. In a nod to scientific parlance, we call this the Great Anomaly (see 2.5). In notation, it is the Greek letter Delta (Δ), meaning Change, since it does not conform to the logic of all that follows or precedes it. It is the G-d principle without religious dogma. All behaviors in this universe carry its indelible stamp and conform to its principles, as expressed in the behavior of the Quantum-Torus Model (see 2) and its infinity of derivatives.

1.4. Analogous Reasoning. This congruence between the principles of science, philosophy, and spirituality is the first step in the proof of the convergence of science and spirituality to the degree, as we have just noted, that proof or certainty exists. It is contingent upon accepting the idea that, based on an extrapolation of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, these relationships are not expressed ultimately as an equation, but as a ratio (a : b : : c : d : : e : f : : g : h, etc., ad infinitum), that is, an analogous proof of the equivalencies between different emanations of the same force. Please note that the use of analogous reasoning for scientific derivations is common to both mathematics and logic; we therefore claim that our proof is scientific to the same degree as any other empirical endeavor. Indeed, science (in this case, physics and mathematics) is a sub-set of logic.

1.5. Heisenberg’s Prediction of this Proof. Heisenberg himself foresaw this non-mathematical solution when he observed, “Perhaps it is not too rash to hope that new spiritual forces will again bring us nearer to the unity of a scientific concept of the universe …”5 and “The advance from the parts already completed to those newly discovered, or to be newly erected, demands each time an intellectual jump, which cannot be achieved through the simple development of already existing knowledge.”6 We hope that scientists who previously rejected such a possibility shall, for the purposes of this paper, follow Heisenberg’s lead and consider our argument, for his prescient observation, with its inference of a holistic universe, is central to our point-of-view. We shall now apply the same analogous logic we used to establish the congruence of core scientific, philosophic, and spiritual principles to our Quantum-Torus Model and derive similar results.


2.1. The Torus. The torus is the fundamental figure of topology, the science of four-dimensional geometry. For the purposes of our model and proof, we have conceived of a torus as having the following properties:

  • As the point is of one dimension, the circle of two, the sphere and the doughnut of three, so the torus is of four.
  • The torus is a sphere changing in space-time.
  • Three-dimensional circular motion along the circumference of a sphere becomes four-dimensional spiral motion on a torus as it expands and contracts in space-time.7
  • The inside surface and the outside surface are experienced as the same surface on a torus in space-time.8
  • Centrifugal and centripetal forces result from expansions and contractions of the torus in space-time.9
  • The macrocosm and the microcosm conform to the laws of the torus.10
  • The torus is a sphere that expands and contracts along a rotating spiral vector in space-time.
  • During its cycles of expansion and contraction, the torus alternately experiences moments of movement (expansion and contraction) and non-movement (rest).

2.2. Quanta: Waves and Particles. Quanta have been observed as having the properties of both waves and particles. To understand the operational principles of quanta, and therefore to understand the operational principles of a universe manifesting infinite differentiation of quanta, it is necessary to capture these two distinct qualities of quanta in a single model. This model would necessarily also show the equivalence of energy and mass (E=mc2), with waves representing energy and particles representing mass. We do this by mapping quantum behavior directly to the torus as we have described it in 2.1. This juxtaposition immediately explains the apparently simultaneous quality of waves and particles as well as a variety of other properties.

2.3. Duality, Simultaneity, and the Fundamental Unit of Space-Time. Just as “God divided the light from the darkness,” (Genesis 1:4),11 so our model divides the behavior of quanta into two principles, light and dark, on and off, solid line and broken line, 1 and 0, sphere and doughnut, particle and wave, mass and energy. For the purposes of linguistic explanation, we ascribe quantum wave behaviors to the expansion and contraction phases (doughnut) of the toroidal model and quantum particle behaviors (sphere) to the rest phases of the toroidal model. The interval created by one cycle of these phases is the fundamental unit of space-time (see 6.3). It follows from Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle that this fundamental unit is not subject to accurate observable measurement, and thus the illusory observation that quanta manifest in two places at once. This illusion is further explored in 6.4.

2.4. A Single 4-Manifold Model. The result of mapping the behaviors of quanta to our toroidal paradigm is a single 4-manifold model that essentially provides us with the Philosopher’s Stone, that is, a fundamental key which unlocks the secrets of the universe, providing the requisite proof—including the check and application thereof—by which we may integrate human knowledge as we have previously described.

Specifically, the single 4-manifold model:

  • Explains how light alternates between wave and particle
  • Applies Perelman’s proof of Poincaré’s Conjecture as a check not only for our Quantum-Torus Model, but for the Big Bang itself (see 5 and 6)
  • Applies key elements of Poincaré’s Conjecture, the Big Bang, and the Quantum-Torus Model to debrief the empirical evidence for Strings, thus proving String Theory, the mathematical conclusions of which, in turn, serve as another check for the Big Bang Theory and the Quantum-Torus Model, i.e., all things in the universe come from the same source
  • Applies the principles of our Quantum-Torus Model to the human genome (light manifesting as DNA) resulting in the proof of:
  • The appearance of the World Teacher
  • The unifying principle of all religions
  • The next step in human evolution

2.5. The Great Anomaly or First Cause. As we’ve noted, Heisenberg anticipated a model that escapes the gravity of contemporary scientific formulation. We attribute such foresight to his consummate understanding of the far-reaching implications of his Uncertainty Principle, that is, the recognition of the limits of scientific observation. It is through this ephemeral crack in the lockstep mathematics of science that the omnipresent factor in our Quantum-Torus Model comes to light. It is, as we have explained in 1.3, the part of the model that cannot be defined, spoken, or seen, yet is present in all phenomena, and indeed animates it; in other words, it is what we have termed the Great Anomaly, a neutral label for the G-d principle that we see subjectively colored in all religions; it represents one and the same idea previously identified in philosophic circles as the so-called “First Cause”—though in our proof, the assignment of a beginning and an end is purely arbitrary. This anomalistic behavior is present throughout the universe. It is evident in sub-atomic particles and galaxies and everything else in-between—quanta and nebula, white and black holes, protozoa and Homo erectus, shells and trees, movement and time, space and rest—just as the Great Anomaly at the heart of quantum-toroids is universally present. It is omnipresent, yet nowhere in particular; it is part of the Quantum-Torus Model, yet is not assigned to any one part; it is invisible, yet infinitely manifest; it is the impetus behind the limitless fractal progression of reality.

2.6. Similar Models, both Conceived and Manifest. As a microcosmic phenomenon and as per Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, our Quantum-Torus Model necessarily has been synthesized from a list of behaviors and theoretical imperatives and not drawn from visual evidence. While its success at capturing these factors may qualify it as an operational model, we must invoke the previously referenced esoteric axiom, “As above, so below” (symbolized by the upward and downward triangles of the Star of David), to provide visual evidence of said toroidal paradigm. In doing so, however, we would like to note two other attempts at visualizing the microcosmic and macrocosmic model:

Babbitt’s atom12

Compare this to the illustration of the Universe card
and the image of the Cat’s Eye Nebula that follow.
The Universe card from the Aleister Crowley tarot deck
drawn by Frieda Harris. Note the similarity in the toroidal
shapes of the background and foreground objects to the previous
illustration of Babbitt’s Atom and the image of the Cat’s Eye
Nebula that follows.
The Cat’s Eye Nebula (NGC 6543), recreated from a Hubble image,
replicates a near-perfect torus, the same geometry as that of quanta.

The principle difference between the toroidal behavior of the Cat’s Eye Nebula (or the universe itself12.5) and that of quanta is one of scale, not only in space but (of course) in time as well, the magnitude of which we contrast with one noteworthy example. Here we refer to our description of the torus (2.1) as “a sphere that expands and contracts along a rotating spiral vector in space-time.” On a macrocosmic scale, as in this image, the rotational development of the toroidal surface and the vortices is relatively static from one observation to the next, but on a microcosmic scale, the expansion and contraction cycle of the toroidal surface (a tip of the hat to the prodigious powers of the strong force) and the rotational cycle of the vortices are also beyond our observable capability, but for the opposite reason, that is, they are within one interval of a wave-particle phase of quanta, in other words, within the fundamental unit of Space-Time. Our inference that the vortices rotate along the entire toroidal surface supports both the spherical and doughnut moments of quanta (see 5).

2.7. Tangential Dimensions. Just as the normal states of matter break down at the limits of vibrational activity—e.g., the manifestation of the Einstein-Bose precipitate near zero degrees Kelvin (Absolute Zero) and the manifestation of the Plasma Ball near maximum degrees Kelvin (i.e., the singularity in the nanoseconds preceding the Big Bang)—so coincidentally and simultaneously at these limits do the restrictions of four-dimensional Space-Time dissolve into other states of Space-Time, as accounted for in the calculations of String Theory and other related formulations of multi-dimensional activity. These unitary states of matter that manifest at the extremes of vibration, in which infinity and zero are the same (just as “1” and “-1”, as representative of particle and wave, exist at the same time), are why String Theory derives additional dimensions (11 in total; for example, here). As so described, these additional dimensions and states are tangential to the Great Anomaly/Singularity (First Cause or G-d principle).

The implications of this singular state are misunderstood by contemporary science, leading many to the conclusion that Horava’s reconciliation of gravity with quantum mechanics (via exotic phase transitions mathematics) is inconsistent with Einstein’s theory of gravity (general relativity) and somehow resurrects Newton’s notion that time is separate from space. However, at singularity (see 6.4), time does not separate from space; it disappears (as does space and everything else) into unity. This singularity (Plasma Ball, Anomaly, or G-d principle) remains omnipresent in all matter, which is why Horava’s gravity formulations work at every point on the toroidal continuum.

Thus, Horava’s formulations actually verify Einstein’s theory of gravity. Horava is to be commended for recognizing the application of exotic phase transitions mathematics to gravity. The change captured by these formulae occurs within the fundamental unit of Space-Time, that is, during an immeasurable interval or “in no time.”

We also note that in 2021, a study published in New Atlas “with the help of another, different state of matter, known as a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC),” that occurs at temperatures close to absolute zero, where all the atoms become one entity, claims that this is a new state of matter, like plasma, which occurs at the other end of the vibrational scale, for example, a white hole, as noted above. We take issue with these claims regarding “new states of matter”, because the BEC and plasma are just the anomalies of the vibrational spectrum, and anomalies are predictable events, because the building blocks of matter—quanta—each contain an anomaly, so everything that they comprise would, logically speaking, also contain anomalies. The reason for this misperception of matter is that the generally accepted model of quanta is missing some nuances, beginning with the embedded anomalistic property and its behavior as the quanta are built out into ever-more complex phenomena; that is, the quantum-torus model is not on their radar screen.

Another example of how the absence of this nuance leads to inadequacies in other models is exhibited by the toroidal model (very close to our own) posited by the CIA in a paper declassified in 2000, wherein the authors declare that “remote viewing” is a viable practice, but that they cannot explain it. This is because their model of quanta does not include the anomaly point which behaves as a singularity, thus connecting the past, present, and future in the same space (i.e., in the absence of time), as is obvious in our quantum-torus model.

An additional example of how the lack of a complete quantum-torus model leads to speculative and overly complex explanations is the ER=EPR equation being floated in some circles. As we have noted, entanglement involves the interaction of strings that become one unit of spacetime and wormholes are nothing more than the availability of everything that ever was, is, and will be in the state of Singularity.


3.1. Quanta represented as Solid and Broken Lines. As previously noted in 2.3, the binary behavior of quanta may be represented by a variety of symbols, including light and dark, on and off, line and broken line, 1 and 0, sphere and doughnut, particle and wave, mass and energy, etc. Just as we employed the wave-particle duality of quanta to build our Quantum-Torus Model, now let us employ lines and broken lines to represent its behaviors, as we carry forward through analogous reasoning the Great Anomaly (First Cause) from the microcosm to the macrocosm, in this case from quanta to the human genome (3.4).

3.2. The I Ching. The oldest extant exploration of the implications of binary replication in Space-Time belongs to the I Ching, or Book of Changes, ascribed to Confucius and other scholars of his era. The premise of this work is to extrapolate forward six-fold (26)—from the anomalistic division of the First Cause (Great Anomaly) into binary phenomena (quanta)—to describe the subtleties of the variations or “changes” resulting from this progression. The fact that this mapping of the 64 basic phases of change against human behavior using poetic and philosophic symbolism was also used as a divinatory reference accessed through acausal selection (a methodology which we will not explore in this paper [notes are included in our book]) in no way prejudices our application of the 64 symbols (hexagrams or kua) and their linguistic representations to our analogous argument.

3.3. The Form of the Check for Our Proof of Congruency in Scientific, Philosophic, and Spiritual Principles. As described at the end of 1.5, we are now prepared to present a check for the proof of congruency in scientific, philosophic, and spiritual principles that we presented in 1.3. We define such a check as an analogous sequence taking an alternate, non-mirrored, route to the same conclusion as the theorem that it proves, i.e., science, philosophy, and spirituality are, in their most refined states, different methodologies and languages for describing the same universal phenomena.

3.4. The 64 Codons and the Human Genome. If the logical agreement and congruency between Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, and the Taoist and Hebrew prohibitions against representing the Deity is the first step (a : b, or “a is to b”), then Martin Schöenberger’s discovery—directly correlating the binary patterns of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching with humanity’s biological building blocks, the 64 codons of the amino acids in DNA)—is the second step (:: c : d, or “as c is to d”).13 This discovery is confirmed by recent experimental evidence for congruence between quantum mechanics and biological evolution.14

3.5. The Anomalistic Hexagram and Genetic Anomalies. As we first described the Great Anomaly (1.3), it is essentially a state that “does not conform to the logic of all that follows or precedes it.” Its equivalent representation in the otherwise binary-based I Ching is Hexagram 52, the anomalistic moment of rest in a continuum of change. Given Schöenberger’s mapping of the binary equivalence of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching to the 64 codons essential to the replication of human DNA—and given that the anomaly present in the quantum-torus model is present in all things, since everything is derived from quanta (5.1 and 5.2)—it follows that we should find evidence of this anomaly in the human genome. And, indeed, as we shall see in 4.1, this is the case.


For the purpose of exploring the parameters of the manifestation of the Great Anomaly in the human genome, let us preface our argument by citing the examples of Mozart and Einstein. Both exhibited properties in their work that exceeded what we would term “normal or incremental advances” relative to the other work in their fields. Rather, they created new, anomalistic paradigms that set the standard for generations to come, just as the quote from Heisenberg explains in 1.5, “The advance from the parts already completed to those newly discovered, or to be newly erected, demands each time an intellectual jump, which cannot be achieved through the simple development of already existing knowledge,” that is, the anomalistic nature of evolutionary change. Of course, expressions of such anomalistic singularity in the human genome occur in all fields, e.g., Abraham, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, et al. in the spiritual realm, and in all humans, each as different as every proverbial snowflake. However, as Vedantic philosophy long-ago recognized in the hierarchy it assigned to spiritual incarnations based upon the periodicity of their occurrence, some anomalies are rarer than others. So, as is evident with Mozart, Einstein, Abraham, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, et al., it follows that, though we may not be able to predict when such a genetic anomaly (“genius”) occurs, we do know (according to the 26 binary progressions from our Quantum-Torus Model to the human genome) that it shall occur. This is essentially the same statement as “Therefore you also must be ready; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”14 Ergo, scientific proof and spiritual prophesy converge on this specific point. And thus, as described in 3.3, we have presented a check for the proof of the congruency in scientific and spiritual principles that we posited “hypothetically” in 1.3.

4.2. The Separation of Dogma and Principles. One could expound on the nature of this manifestation of the human spiritual anomaly, the world teacher, who is predicted by our proof and various prophetic traditions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, et al., and we have done so at length in our book, but for the sake of brevity and consistency within the strictures of this form, we have distilled these descriptions in 7 and 8. The purpose of using this genre and this forum to present our proof is to parlay its empirical discipline and consequent lack of dogma into a universal discussion wherein the equivalencies between scientific, philosophic, and spiritual language are recognized. For example, where Adonai, G-d, and Allah, or Messiah, Christ, and Prophet have been used by particular religions to describe the G-d principle and its periodic anomalistic incarnations, we have substituted the terms Great Anomaly, First Cause, and singularity or the spiritual anomaly, avatar, and world teacher. In this manner, we hope to encourage a general cessation of hostilities between religious systems leveraging exclusive claims on the G-d principle and particular anomalistic incarnations to further the instinctive and egoistic objectives of their practitioners.


5.1. The Proof of Poincaré’s Conjecture. Grigory Perelman’s recent solution to Poincaré’s Conjecture, which concludes that all three-dimensional space is reducible to a combination of spheres and doughnuts, can be readily applied to four-dimensions, thus serving as a check for our foregoing proof of the Quantum-Torus model.

5.2. Application of Poincaré’s Conjecture to Check our Quantum-Torus Model and the Big Bang Theory. As described in 2.1, “As the point is of one dimension, the circle of two, the sphere and the doughnut of three, so the torus is of four.” Thus, proving that all three-dimensional space is reducible to spheres and doughnuts is congruent to proving that all four-dimensional space is reducible to a torus (specifically, our Quantum-Torus Model), which alternately contains the properties of both a doughnut (wave) and a sphere (particle) as it expands and contracts and rests. Therefore, Poincaré’s Conjecture not only serves as a check for the Quantum-Torus Model (by showing the toroidal basis of four-dimensions [spacetime]), but shows that our entire four-dimensional universe is derived from quanta (because quanta and the toroidal model are inseparable, that is, they are the fundamental unit of Space-Time), and thus also serves as a check for the current cosmological model (the Big Bang theory), which postulates that our current universe first differentiated (from the singularity) as various forms of quanta and is therefore traceable back to this state.15 The Big Bang (duality or “m” [matter]) is, then, the release of the potential energy (E=mc2) of the singularity (“E” [Energy]) at the acceleration of light (“c2“).


6.1. String Theory. Having checked our proof, we offer an application of key principles contained therein to solve another vexing scientific puzzle, that of strings and String Theory. As it stands today, String Theory has provided us with an elegant mathematical framework for solving the quest begun by Einstein, for a unified field theory, by mathematically expressing the equivalencies for the four fundamental forces—the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force, and the gravitational force. But much like Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity awaited an empirical proof that came with Royal Society’s and the Royal Astronomical Society’s observations at Sobral (Brazil) and the island of Principe (West Africa) on May 29th, 1919, so String Theory awaits empirical proof for the existence of strings. Astonishingly, the experimental evidence has already been gathered, though it has not been recognized as such. As we shall see, this is in part due to the general lack of awareness that, like Poincaré’s Conjecture, Strings are a subset of toroids.

6.2. White Holes, Black Holes, and the Great Anomaly. Before we debrief the experimental evidence for strings, it is necessary to revisit the implications we discussed in 2.7 concerning the breakdown of the general laws of the mass-energy-space-time continuum that occur at the limits of vibrational activity (near absolute zero and near singularity [there’s that zero and one again!]). For the purposes of this discussion we shall not delve into the progression of events that transpire during the final moments of a black hole leading to singularity, but rather on the initial moments after singularity, since the fingerprints that we seek from our current universal cycle begin there.

6.3. Artifacts of the Big Bang as Contrapositive Reflections of the Einstein-Bose Precipitate. Specifically, we describe the properties of the Plasma Ball as contrapositively related to the Einstein-Bose Precipitate; that is, the Plasma and the Precipitate arise under opposite conditions (maximum vibration v. minimum vibration) and exhibit congruent mirrored reflections of anomalistic behavior, i.e., abnormal states of matter in which the individuation of particles has ceased. In other words, much like the convergence of science and spirituality over a particular principle (4.1), the properties of the Plasma and the Precipitate converge over a specific quality—a unique form of unity in which the general laws of four-dimensions have been suspended, with Space-Time taking on new qualities (much as the tangential dimensions discussed in 2.7). The fractal progression of the Quantum-Torus is defined by these two states, which together contain a holograph of the entire universe of possibilities.

6.4. The Fundamental Unit of Space-Time at the Limits of Vibrational Activity. In addition, both these unique forms of matter (the Plasma and the Precipitate) exist entirely within “one interval of a wave-particle phase of quanta” (2.6), that is, they represent a fundamental unit of Space-Time at the limits of vibrational activity (2.7). As noted in 6.2, for the purposes of this discussion we are concentrating on events following the singularity, focusing on the remnants of the Big Bang as they proceed in Space-Time. And again, for the purposes of this discussion, we shall not concern ourselves with the general transformation of Plasma into a variety of quantum particles, but rather we shall focus on a particular class of artifacts of the Plasma that represent “one interval of a wave-particle phase of quanta.” Regardless, as we have said, we shall see that, like Poincaré’s Conjecture, String Theory, too, explores a subset of toroids.

6.5. Action at a Distance. As we noted in 6.1, String Theory awaits an empirical proof of the existence of the strings themselves and we propose that such experimental evidence has already been gathered, though it has not been recognized. We are referring to the “Action at a Distance” (so-called “Spooky Action”) observations, in which two objects, apparently separated in space with no known connection, interact with each other as if they “know” the mass (in the case of gravity) or charge (in the case of electromagnetism) of the other distant object.

6.6. Empirical Evidence for Strings. Again, we go back (in the nanoseconds before the Big Bang) to the Plasma Ball (singularity), when all of Space-Time was the very same substance—not atoms or particles of a homogeneous substance, but one indivisible entity, unmanifest within and of itself (represented by the Hebrew letter Aleph, which means, in this case, before the beginning).

The fact that Space-Time expanded and differentiated itself infinitely from this singularity doesn’t mean that the original connection between everything that comprised the beginnings of this iteration of the universe was lost (which is why Horava’s reconciliation of gravity and quantum mechanics works for all states of matter). Rather, this original “plasma” stretched, twisted, snapped, and evolved into other manifestations. Action at a distance, then, is simply the response of an artifact of creation, that is, different segments of a single string of quanta reacting to the same stimuli. The same phenomenon can be created by entanglement, joining quanta into a single unit ( The observation that the response is transmitted faster than the speed of light (which would violate Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity) is an illusion, because the stretched string is a remnant of the Plasma Ball, that is, a fundamental unit of Space-Time at the limits of vibrational activity (2.7), or entangled strings that respond in the same manner. As per the Uncertainty Principle, our instruments and calculations are simply not now, nor will they ever be, capable of detecting an interval between the stimulus and the response, because the interval is less than the particle-wave periodicity of one quantum (the fundamental unit of Space-Time)—thus it seemingly occurs instantaneously, in no Space-Time, that is, faster than would be possible if the two “ends” of this string were in fact separate quanta. So, as in the game of Jeopardy, the observations of spooky action are the answers to the question, “What are the indications that strings are not only present now, but have been present since the creation of this universe?” Note: Any variation between the “strings” described here and the strings in String Theory would be attributable to a variance in String Theory mathematics from the mathematics of toroids as manifested in the Quantum-Torus Model.

If we apply this principle to current experiments, what we are actually looking at is one unit of spacetime that has been stretched over increasingly large distances (a recent experiment in 2020 succeeded at 27 miles). Since anything that occurs to one unit of space time occurs at the same time throughout the unit, then it appears that the information is passed faster than the speed of light across distances, but this is not the case, since the spacetime is the same throughout; i.e., one unit. Thus, in the case of entanglement of 2,000 atoms (2020), what we are seeing is the same unit of spacetime, even if the strings are not evident to the observer.

6.7. QED. From a metaphysical point of view, then, the infinite differentiation of the universe is the flip side of the unitary integration of the universe: the total connectedness present in the Plasma Ball (at the singularity) is still present, only masked by the countless permutations and combinations of the fractal progressions of the Quantum-Torus. Matter is neither created nor destroyed and the laws of science (including logic and its subsets, physics, mathematics, etc.) and spirituality (“the mind of G-d”) need only account for the Great Anomaly (“the G-d principle”) and its infinite reflections to recognize their mutual consistency and convergence.

Hereafter, as Professor Igor Gamow (his father George being one of the principle theorists of the Big Bang) explained to me, the Quantum-Torus Model serves as the working model until it cannot explain key empirical evidence—allowing a generous amount of time to develop an explanation for such, while remaining consistent with its basic principles.


7.1. The Nature of the Spiritual Anomaly. Having thus presented our proof, its checks, and a few of its applications, let us now turn to its implications for human beings living in such a universe. As shown in 4.1 and 4.2, our proof concludes that a spiritual anomaly (like Abraham, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, et al.) shall incarnate periodically, but that the time and place (and, for that matter, the details of such a manifestation) are unpredictable. Since the argument developed in this paper relies upon scientific protocol (unlike our book, which uses Socratic and Talmudic dialogue and journalistic observations) to expand upon the details of such a manifestation, let us continue in this empirical vein, albeit with a certain allowance for intuition and vision as notably employed by Newton and Einstein in deducing their famous formulations, and with a nod to Joseph Campbell in the use of mythological examples to inform our quest.

Like the Gospel of Thomas and (Thomas) Jefferson’s Bible, we seek to strip away the mythological and fictional qualities attributed to a master teacher and lay bare the basic parameters that define a spiritual anomaly. Given, then, the perceived lack of Divine Revelation (in its narrowest sense) casting a spotlight on such a being, and given the lack of an inspired selection system such as that employed to identify each incarnation of the Dalai Lama, we are thrust into circumstances much like the times of King David and King Arthur, both of whom were identified by the merits of their work and not by a genetic or spiritual pedigree.

7.2. The Philosopher’s Stone. Synchronistically, it is worth noting that a stone plays a key role in both David’s and Arthur’s ascensions—for David as a projectile in slaying Goliath and for Arthur as a forge from which he alone extracts the sword, Excalibur—that is, the stone is a manifestation of the periodic Chosen One’s power. Analogously, a stone is also the symbol we use to represent our predicted spiritual, philosophic, and scientific breakthrough—the so-called Philosopher’s Stone, sometimes referred to as the Perennial Philosophy. Given the technology, information, and leisure afforded by our historical circumstances, the characteristics of this philosophy would be nothing less than “the outline for the cross-disciplinary synthesis and integration of human knowledge into one indivisible multi-dimensional database reflective of the universe that it describes, including the prescription for sustainable human evolution” as we refer to in 1.1 (and explore in detail in our book).

7.3. The Philosopher’s Stone and the Spiritual Anomaly (as the Avatar or World Teacher). The relationship between the Spiritual Anomaly and the Philosopher’s Stone is reflexive, that is, the proof of the Spiritual Anomaly’s manifestation and the details thereof are derived from the Quantum-Torus Model (2.1 and 2.2) and the Proof of the Congruency of Science and Spirituality (1.4 and 4.1), key elements in the Philosopher’s Stone itself. Contrapositively, if the time, place, and nature of the Spiritual Anomaly’s manifestation are not predictable (as we have shown in 4.1 and as is prophesized, “no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son …” [Matthew 11:27]), it is only the Spiritual Anomaly that could derive and debrief such a proof (i.e., to the degree that the Great Anomaly [or G-d Principle] can be symbolized or made manifest in the flesh, the Spiritual Anomaly would be this event). Indeed, it is the Spiritual Anomaly’s mission to present this proof as part of a larger effort at revealing the parameters necessary for the evolutionary progression and sustainable survival of the human race (detailed in our book). To this end, the Spiritual Anomaly serves humanity periodically as the Avatar or World Teacher. However, it is important to note that just as idols misrepresent the anomalistic G-d principle, so do such singular-event notions as Christ or Messiah misrepresent the periodic nature of the Spiritual Anomaly, turning the recurring appearances of a once-in-an-age teacher into a divine form separate from its human (and thus dualistic) basis. In actuality, the appearance of the Spiritual Anomaly, the proof that he offers for his appearance, the availability of information, technology, and leisure that afforded him the opportunity to produce such a proof, and the space-time where and at which such events occur are inseparable and indivisible phenomena rooted in the singular origins of the universe in which they manifest.

7.4. The Analogous Method Extended to the Socio-Historical Paradigm. In addition to our proof of the convergence of scientific and spiritual disciplines and its check and application, we also observe that noted practitioners of both science and spirituality are issuing similarly dire warnings concerning the current and future state of humanity. Without going into a long list of evidence (as we do in our book, let us briefly note some of the key details that give rise to these warnings:

  • Global warming/climate change
  • Pollution of the biosphere
  • Geometric population growth
  • Entrenched power of the war industry

Ironically, these threatening factors are a result of our success as a species when measured against the parameters of the Theory of Evolution and the Protestant Ethic as they are generally understood today. To a large degree, this so-called success has been economic, what we described in 7.2 as, “the technology, information, and leisure afforded by our historical circumstances.”

Mapping the aforementioned positive and negative examples of contemporary human achievement to our Quantum-Torus Model, we can only deduce our position is on the cusp of a “phase shift” in organizational structure: We must evolve in order to survive, for the nature of Space-Time itself is evolutionary, regardless of whether the universe is expanding or contracting—i.e., the succession of quantum-torus intervals and the behaviors therein follow certain principles (except at the limits of vibrational activity). Going back to the various binary metaphors we have assigned to our model, e.g., “light and dark, on and off, line and broken line, 1 and 0, sphere and doughnut, particle and wave, mass and energy …” (2.3), we observe that the self-conscious choice, or change, we face is one that resembles the transformation from darkness to light. Again, science and spirituality agree!

Indeed, this characterization matches the conclusion we reach by alternate analysis—mapping human consciousness to its consequence in human behavior, that is, deconstructing the two key evolutionary steps in human development and extrapolating their primary factors to describe our present circumstances. To wit,

The two key evolutionary steps in human development to which we refer are:

  • Overcoming gravity and mastering physical tools (standing erect and prehensile thumbs)
  • Overcoming communication barriers and mastering mental tools (developing language, music, mathematics, et al.)

Deconstructing these steps, we derive the following:

  • Overcoming gravity and mastering physical tools = unconscious physical evolution
  • Overcoming communication barriers and mastering mental tools = subconscious mental evolution

Extrapolating these characterizations leads to the following dialectical progression of Homo sapiens:

  • Unconscious physical evolution (Homo erectus)
  • Subconscious mental evolution (Homo economus)
  • Conscious spiritual evolution (Homo spiritus)

Our scientific deduction and check proves to be the same as the spiritual teachings since time immemorial: we must overcome the tyranny of the instincts and the ego by employing our spiritual tools to evolve in a sustainable manner.

Another argument that we provide to support the choice of conscious spiritual evolution is derived from the nature of life itself, that is, light manifesting as DNA. Here, we find that just as the Great Anomaly (First Cause) animates creation with constant change (the Greek letter Delta), so the life-force (prana) exhibits the “will to live.” Consider the tree that splits the stone of a mountain or the blade of grass that cracks the sidewalk, both to grow and evolve.

As we have noted, in human history, we have manifested the “will to live” at the instinctive physical level (standing erect) and at the egoistic mental level (mastering symbolic forms). Now we are at the crossroads of another major evolutionary choice, much like Hamlet as he ponders, “To be, or not to be.”

Have we lost the will to live, or do we have what it takes as a species to survive? “That is the question.” Our collective answers will determine whether we choose to survive (evolve) or not. As we discuss in 7.5, free will and determinism will mutually influence the outcome.

We now have shown four alternative arguments in 7 that point to the same conclusion concerning the present moment in human development: the appearance and role of the Spiritual Anomaly, overcoming the tyranny of the instincts and ego (conscious spiritual evolution), the mapping of our historical circumstances to the Quantum-Torus Model, and the self-conscious choice that the universe presently requires for evolution.

7.5 Chaos Theory as Further Impetus for Conscious Spiritual Evolution. Chaos Theory equations show that even in a deterministic universe, outcomes remain unpredictable (quantifiable inputs produce unpredictable results). This means that Free Will and Determinism necessarily co-exist. The mathematics may be complex, but the meaning is simple: we must act as if we have free will, because as far as we can ever know, we have it. Before the mathematics of Chaos Theory were developed, the only way to prove the interdependence of free will and determinism was through the logic of letters (words and propositions). Now the letters and numbers agree: As the progression of the Quantum-Torus Model shows, “conscious spiritual evolution” is to be humanity’s next step and it is to be accomplished one person at a time, through self-conscious action, arrived at through our own free will.

While it is not the focus of this paper to describe the specifics of this species-defining transformation (we do so at length in our book), we do believe it important to briefly note the range of individual actions with which the next stage of our evolution begins.

7.6. Individual Spiritual Practice as the Next Evolutionary Step. Essentially, what we have identified here is individual spiritual practice as the basis for progressive human development. The simplest form of such spiritual practice and the starting point for our work is nothing more than taking a deep breath and counting to ten. The purpose of this exercise—which, despite its apparent simplicity, is difficult to consistently employ—is to counter instinctive and egoistic reactions as they occur, for example, when we get cut off in traffic or are criticized by a significant other. By consciously and consistently choosing alternative behaviors to the instinctive reaction of responding in kind to such perceived offenses, we strengthen that part of ourselves which spiritual teachers identify as “the higher self” or Self. This is the same Self that Jung refers to in his essay, “Christ, the Symbol of Self,”16 that is, an archetype within each of us (alternate descriptions of which, such as Messiah or Buddha or Krishna consciousness, are discussed at length in our book); in other words, a tangential point within each of us that reflects the Great Anomaly. These psycho-spiritual dynamics are the same for the Spiritual Anomaly (the Avatar or World Teacher), except for his/her periodic singular expressions synthesizing seemingly disparate elements and integrating them into a convergent framework for the current stage of the process.

Of course, in addition to the fundamental breathing exercise, there are other established practices that accomplish the same spiritual goal, a variety of which we describe in our book, in particular that of Yoga, through which we describe the non-denominational science of spiritual rebirthing. However, we include within our scope here a mapping of the human body to our Quantum-Torus Model to explain the inside-out process by which Yoga catalyzes the coincidence of consciousness and the Great Anomaly and our experience of the Quantum-Torus through the heart (Love):

The Quantum Torus and Human Form
(Light Manifesting as DNA)
Original text and illustration:

A conceptual representation of the relationship between the Torus, the Great Anomaly, Quanta, and the human mind-body-spirit. If we take the premise that Space-Time moves in a cycle from stardust to conscious light, then evolutionary growth is self-consciously achieved by employing the Quantum-Torus Model (Philosopher’s Stone) to integrate the human paradigm with the Great Anomaly, i.e., the process of light becoming conscious of itself and experiencing the Quantum-Torus as Love (see the following illustration).
Blood circulation from the human heart as a Quantum-Torus.
The heart is the first functional organ in a vertebrate embryo,
thus signifying that Love is the basis for our existence.
Notice the similarity to the illustrations in 2.6
(Similar Models, both Conceived and Manifest).
It is also worth noting that the Singularity point
of the heart is exactly in the center of the chest

Just as our physical bodies heal themselves through unconscious and subconscious processes (e.g., bleeding, coagulating, scabbing, etc.) in healing a physical wound, so our spiritual bodies heal spiritual wounds without the intervention of our egos. Yoga is simply a catalyst for accessing this life-force that, like the singularity from which it is brought forth, embodies certain indefinable anomalistic properties.

Through this scientific spiritual rebirthing process we rediscover our own connection with the Great Anomaly, and in so doing alter our consciousness and behavior—the primary result of which is in our willingness to share with others, a central objective of conscious spiritual evolution.

We fully expect to hear from cynics who posit that such a result is utopian, that is, beyond the capability of human beings and human nature to attain or sustain. We counter:

Spiritual evolution may have been utopian at one time; it is now necessary.
There is no such thing as fixed human nature; human beings are evolutionary, just as the light from which they are made.

Further, we have “the technology, information, and leisure afforded by our historical circumstances” (7.2) to make this work (for example, Buckminster Fuller’s “World Game”), as well as any number of examples (take your pick—Abraham, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, et al.) from which to draw inspiration that such behavior is attainable. The parameters and outcomes for individual development certainly vary according to unique hereditary, environmental, and self-conscious factors, but, nevertheless, we each have a connection to the Great Anomaly—what Jung describes as the Christ (Messiah, Buddha, Krishna, et al.) archetype—that we are compelled to express.


8.1. Publication. The means by which the Spiritual Anomaly (Avatar or World Teacher) presents the details of this mission takes the form of a book, the first volume of which is complete. This paper, including additional commentary, is included in the book.

8.2. Public Reaction and Obstacles. The success of this mission will be determined by conscious individual choices. The primary obstacle to individual and group success is, as we have noted in 7.4, the tyranny of the instincts and the ego. On a global scale such behavior is currently exhibited in the priority to which we assign Capital over human evolution. Whether we interpret such behavior scientifically, by mathematically expressing it as and attributing it to the expansionary nature of Capital, both in terms of demand for resources and markets and thus the eventual commoditization of all things, or whether we interpret such behavior spiritually, as the worship of the Golden Calf and Mammon, the deduction is the same: Capital is an abstraction that rules our lives—that is, we now worship a false G-d.

The scope of this paper does not include a detailed analysis of the political, economic, and psychological dynamics that follow from this involuted behavior (such analysis is provided in detail in our book), but it is necessary to note here that those ascribing to such, by their own admission, worship at the altar of Capital and private gain at the expense of the spiritual evolution of the human race. However, it is also worth noting that those who exercise the greatest control over these now regressive forces individually profess in significant numbers to follow the tenets of the major religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, et al. In presenting our proof of the congruency of science and spirituality and its applications, we sincerely hope that these individuals take heed that they “cannot serve G-d and Mammon,”17 and stop professing to do both. We await their response, “for by thy works shall ye be judged.”18

Secondary obstacles to the spiritual evolution of the human race include dogmatic religious bureaucracies and their subscribers, particularly those variants that claim to be privy to the truth to the exclusion of all other approaches. To counter the fallacy of such thinking, in addition to having heretofore proven the unifying principle of all religions (see “G-d principle” in 1.3, 2.5, 4.2, and 6.7), we employ the following cybernetic metaphor: We all have unique passwords to the same server; The Great Anomaly grants similar access rights to all users; There is no specific group that holds administrative rights to the exclusion of others. We call upon religious leaders to respond to our proof and to separate themselves and their followers from the temporal elements of their faith and those who seek to use spiritual trappings for material ends.

8.3. Contacting the Author and Receiving Notification of Publication. The author of this paper wishes to retain his anonymity at this time. You may contact him by leaving your name, email address, and comments on the form below. We shall not use any of your contact information for purposes other than contacting you concerning the aforementioned book, reporting progress following publication, or for replying to your inquiries. We shall not sell or otherwise share your contact information with other entities, corporate or personal.

8.4. The Ongoing Work. Finally, we urge everyone to “think globally and act locally.” Identify and develop the unique gift that you have been given and share it with the world. In this way, we shall evolve one person at a time and together create a sustainable and enlightened world.


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